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Willow Bader was born in Washington State and moved to Philadelphia in 1998 to pursue serious figure study at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. Her dynamic work unites modern figurative subject matter with traditional mediums. The ancient technique of encaustic, her latest exploration, lends itself beautifully to the sensual physicality and boldness of her work. Bader has dedicated herself to art in every aspect of her like and her works capture the motion and movement of being in the moment.


"Why paintings about the world of dance and music? Serendipity. First came my devotion to figure painting. Then I learned to dance tango. And tango was a door into the wider realm of the life lead by those who dance and play music. My interest shifted to painting the human figure in motion –out in the world- in a social setting- with a narrative- usually romantic and sensual. The ancient medium of encaustic best suits my purpose."

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