Papillions Au Gel Bleu Butterflies in Blue Frost   40x60   mixed media on canvas - fosillized 
love butterflies mixed media acrylic abstract expressionism
Love     mixed media on canvas     48 x 48 

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Drawing from the expansive strength and beauty of the ocean, Renée is a longtime surfing enthusiast who loves the water -- and this is her inspiration for her Ocean Series.


Renee’s Butterfly Series is the result of a deeply personal – and completely unexpected -- emotional connection.  


Renée’s father, Joseph Guercia, was considered one of the largest installers of athletic facilities in the world in the 1970’s and 80’s.  In addition to being the lead contractor in installing the tennis courts at the US Open, he was also prominently involved in the rebuild of the Olympic Stadium in Greece, The World’s Fair in New York, and other international projects.  


In early 2010, Mr. Guercia was about to begin an athletic installation in Haiti. On January 12, he had just arrived at the Hotel Montana in Port au Prince along with a crew of architects and construction executives; the same date as one of the world’s most catastrophic earthquakes. Renée spoke to her father minutes before the earthquake hit.  Tragically, Mr. Guercia was among the 122 Americans, and scores of others, killed that day.


“My sister, brother and I were beyond devastated,” Renée recalls. “Our world was absolutely upended, and my sister and I spent countless hours talking about our Dad.  As spring and summer approached we would sit in our yard by the pool and have long, deep talks about our father.  Each and every time we had these heart rending conversations, we would always see butterflies!  They would fly and flutter across our pool and all over the perimeter of our yard.  From then on whenever we saw butterflies, we called them ‘Dad.’


“I consider The Butterfly series my most endearing pieces of work -- as each and every one of them comes from the deepest place in my heart.” Interestingly -- and this is something Renée didn’t know at the time -- in many cultures the butterfly is associated with the soul.  In Greek mythology, Psyche is represented in the form of a butterfly.  Fittingly, Psyche is forever linked with love as she and Eros (the Greek god of love, also known in Roman myth as Cupid) shared an endlessly passionate bond together -- both hopelessly in love with one another.


“The purpose of my work is to create an inspiration of nature and serenity.  Each original piece is its own unique expression through color and technique.  The common denominator amongst those who admire my work is an ethereal nature in each piece”.