KX2: Ruth Avra & Dana Kleinman

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"Perhaps it was blood, or simply a similar upbringing, that eventually led to the coming together of aesthetics. Whether arranged in group installations or solo pieces, each work involves a sense of rhythm and mathematics. Not only does this reflect nature in its patterns, but it also ties us together as sisters, undeniably influenced by a mathematician father and a scientist mother.

We work through ideas of connection, be it family or personal connection, the connection of two seemingly separate disciplines, and representative of the connection of all living things. And, of course, the beauty of this connection.


From a distance the work looks sleek and high contrast with hyper-pigmented painting and shiny metal surfaces, yet up close the viewer is struck by hand sanded intricate patterns softening the metal and textural multilayered paintings inspired by natural surfaces. Multiple panels that shift in depth off the wall reference mathematical equations, but at the same time talk about boundaries and connections, with pattern and colors tying the separate pieces together. Intersecting lines are specific cross products in geometry, yet also represent us as sisters with our paths crossing, or how any seemingly separate entities can come together in space and time. An underlying script of mathematic calculations is incorporated into the construction of each piece. This creates the visual flow and balance of the work, reflective of the natural world and how all are connected.


Our latest exploration in arcs, curves and full ellipses furthers our manipulation of the rigid lines of metal. Playing with soft textures and bright colors, this 'feminizing' of the aluminum wall sculpture pieces takes underlying meanings to the next level."

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