Thierry Mysius

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Born in the suburbs of Paris, Thierry Mysius was fascinated by architecture at an early age. Almost simultaneously, Thierry became enamored with fine art, which led him to frequently retreat to the same Parisian cafes where the surrealists once met, i.e., Dali, de Chirico and Magritte. It was in his late teens that he discovered the works of the American artist, Edward Hopper (1882-1967). In fact, Hopper’s painting “Nighthawks” was so inspiring that it moved Thierry to create his first interior paintings.

His architectural detail is reminiscent of de Chirico with the interiors defined by the surrounding walls and the distant sea drawing the viewer beyond.

Mysius articulates a theatrical scene from the 1950s, combined with his bold approach to scale, color and architecture. Through the windows of Thierry’s eyes drama unveils with an art nouveau theme to create a dreamlike setting.

Thierry incorporates the same iconography and details much like the surrealists and the Dutch masters of the 19th century. Mysius’ interiors are independent of his private feelings rather than symbolic imagery. The geometric order creates mysterious and intense feelings of nostalgia.

Thierry’s vivid colors and bold lines help develop a unique atmosphere enabling the viewer to bridge from the past to the present. His majesty of scale conveys an openness and illusion of unlimited space.

Mysius has loyal collectors throughout the world and has been highly acclaimed in reviews throughout France. Thierry Mysius has achieved the near impossible with his innovative new style – Urban Romanticism. Dean Day Gallery is delighted to be Thierry's United States representative. 

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