Angela Nesbit

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Angela Nesbit effortlessly captures light, movement, and texture. Recognized for her portraits of children in motion and her unique style, she uses a brush and palette knife to build energetic layers of paint on top of a heavily under-painted canvas. Angela’s subjects often walk a fine line between abstraction and reality. Settled amid thick layers of paint, her simple subjects wander softly in and out of the background.


Angela’s journey in the art world began when she met Andy Braitman in 2000.  She has since logged countless and often exhausting hours into the pursuit of chasing luminosity and texture in her work. She loves to paint what she knows -- children, flowers and the coast – and is connected to her subject matter with a great deal of passion. This passion has an energy of its own and is evident in her paintings. She is just as passionate about the paint and surface of the object being painted as she is her process as a journey, creating layers of paint with brush and palette knife.


Studying the effect that light has on an object and capturing that light is a constant source of fascination. “I love to create chaos on the canvas and then bring the painting into focus, constantly trying to see how much more I can leave out, bridging the gap between impressionism and abstraction”,

Angela says. “With each of my paintings, I work to be more abstract.”


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