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 What You Have Left to See    oil on canvas     35 x 57 
YES - WALKING DREAMNS 60 X 120-1000 pts.jpg
 Walking Dreams   oil on canvas   24 x 47 
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The look as power and the work of art as a possibility to demonstrate it, to question our way of seeing, to question our ways of reacting to the world. In my artistic process I try to create images that invite examination.

In a world as visual as today, a world to "See and be seen", I want to reflect on what we see and what we don't see, what we think we see and what we really see. Most of th time it is not our eyes that see, but our mind. I pose to the viewer the task of educating the gaze.

I go around the cities, I take photographs that I later use to develop my work - an important part of this is based on the framing of the work, on the description of all it's characters on the stories they tell us ... The zebra crossings allow me to delimit those characters and make the invisible ones visible. I immerse myself in the crowd, a crowd that attracts me, paralyzes me, moves me, surpises me, drags me, agitates me ...


Painting what provokes me: people ... their gestures, their looks, their steps, their silences, their fears, their thoughts...their interior and exterior.


Alone or in a crowd.  

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