Autumn - 48W x 60H (3).jpg
Autumn     acrylic on canvas      60x48 
Meditation 48W x 60H (1).jpg
Meditation      acrylic on canvas     60x48

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The contemporary expressionistic works of Michael Ruffini are filled with a vibrant richness of color and energy.

His passion is based on his love of color. Using a lively color palette, he creates a dynamic composition with semi-atmospheric fusions of acrylic paint. Here and there, there may be more defined brushwork in geometric lines.


Inspired by his extensive international travel, Ruffini gives an expressive feeling through his colors to embody the passion and visual expression of people, landscape, crowded sidewalks, music, etc… a passion for art, culture and life in all its lush shapes, color drama and conflicting images of its environment. His personal evolution from the familiar to the mysterious in his work is for you to look beyond what is seen and to explore the experience within. Bringing life, energy and beauty to your setting is of utmost importance to Ruffini.