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Acrylic on cradled wood panel & coated with resin 6 X 6 X 2
                              Richly Honest    acrylic on canvas    48x48 
                               The Weight of It All   acrylic on canvas   48 x 48 
           SOLD     Between the In Between    acrylic on wood  60 x 48 
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side view
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Regardless of the collection, all of my paintings are rooted in blending and layering. Both allow me to create work that is right in color and depth. By pairing vibrant shades with muted tones, I make the unexpected - complex stories of simplicity. I have found that the richness in life, like art, comes from the many layers that we add as well as, the multiple ways that our lives blend together. 

When starting the creative process, I like to sketch out ideas and play with color and design. I begin the process of painting on canvas or wood. With wood, I use resin after my paintings are finished. Working with resin requires a certain amount of respect, tenacity and precison as there are constraints in achieving the desired effect. Multiple coats of resin are applied to each piece. In their final form, these works appear smooth and effortless due to their shine, depth and texture.

Influenced by Mark Rothko, Helene Herzbrun, as well as my grandmother, who was also a painter, I channel the euphoria I felt when exploring museums in my youth. Rothko's color block pieces have always struck me as a way to tell a story without specifically depicting one. The power of my minimalist art comes from its ability to be open to interpretation.

My pieces are both simple and deceivingly complex. Through my process of slowly blending darker colors with others that lighten them, they serve as a reminder that we cannot rush growth. Evolution comes about in an organic way, unencumbered by deadlines and force. 

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