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Michael Zigmond

3-3-22 multiple flowers 24x50 web edit.jpg
SOLD - Eight Nasturtiums in Four Glasses    oil on canvas   24x50 
2-8-23 new iris painting.jpg
  SOLD - Irises 2023     Oil on canvas     32 x 36 

Two Suspended Lillies oil on canvas 42 x 24

SOLD Four pink tulips oil on canvas 24 x 24

SOLD Three Irises oil on canvas 32 x 40

Three Tulips oil on canvas 28 x 30

Three Cupcakes oil on canvas 14 x 20

SOLD Horizontal Red Tulip Oil on canvas 16 x 24

SOLD Shell Oil on Canvas 21 x 24

Hail to the Chili Oil on Canvas 26 x 38

SOLD Tulips at Dawn oil on canvas 32 x 40

pear, martini glass, hyper-realism, reflection


oil on canvas

34 x 28 

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"My paintings are a focus on reality, especially the reality of my immediate environment where I live and work. I am fascinated by the shapes, forms, and hues created when intense light interacts with familiar objects or surroundings. Abstractions of light and shadow vie for attention with more tangible and recognizable elements, making the comfortable and ordinary seem very 'real' yet disquietingly transient.


I follow a highly descriptive approach to my subject matter using a combination of photographic reference and direct observation. I enjoy the ambiguity of a flat design of light and shadow rendered with the illusion of a solid object existing in space. I find this tension between two- and three-dimensional pictorial elements exciting. In my observations, I never cease to be amazed at the variety with which nature can provide the makings of a composition.


Most importantly, by emphasizing a universal element such as pure light interacting with the specific and commonplace, I wish to convey to the viewer a sense of timelessness through the vicissitudes of everyday surroundings. My work is not merely a recording of my environment or a simple exploration of the interplay of abstract and descriptive visual elements. If I can evoke in the viewer a sense of timelessness through a single moment in time, then I have succeeded."

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