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Ben Schwab

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Whether a small room or a vast city, space is redefined from moment to moment. Inhabitants come and go, leaving their mark and altering their surroundings in a never-ending cycle. This is particularly evident in larger urban environments, where the populations, landscapes and economic conditions are constantly evolving. 

"I am fascinated not only with the evolution of spaces, but also with conveying that evolution on a two-dimensional surface. I’ve been particularly focused on the impact of time and change on a given space.

I begin with impressions of a space and apply a constructive process that adds a sense of past and future. Layering and mark-making are used to explore the dynamics of history and vitality, expansion and growth, and action and change. Combining and splicing source images allows for the representation of multiple views or subjects simultaneously. Manipulation, collage and varied states of completion create a sense of impermanence and further convey the passage of time.

With this process, I hope to convey spaces as the alive, active subjects they are."


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