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Summer Dances  mixed media on wood   diptych  36 x 72 
Promises     mixed media on wood     30 x 40 
SOLD - Stay Close II  mixed media on wood 30 x 24 
Stay Close I    mixed media on wood  30 x 24 
Sali_Swalla_StayClose 2_CLOSE-UP EDITED.jpg
Stay Close II  close-up 
Sali_Swalla_StayClose1_close-up edited.jpg
Stay Close I   close-up 

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"I am a painter of imagined gardens and landscapes: those special places where one is lost in moments of wonder. My paintings strive to make tangible and the spiritual side of nature just beyond our reach. Each painting starts with multiple layers of oil paint and cold wax to build a history and depth in the work. These layers reveal dualities in the surfaces; opaque/translucent, organic/structured, warm/cool, big/small. A wide variety of tools are used to lay down these many layers. The process is time consuming and takes days to develop but eventually these layers are covered, scraped over and carved back into in order to reveal the piece's final form and true nature. In this manner, each painting becomes a mystery revealed and it is my hope that my work allows others to experience a great sense of wonder of the world."

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