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Steve Perrault

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Steve Perrault's background in art, philosophy, theology and psychology creates a mysterious connection and deep appreciation of incongruent aspects of life. Perrault invites the observer to walk into the architecture and leave feeling more hopeful about themselves and the world around them. Although his spaces reflect the precision, order and calm of the artist, ultimately Perrault's art mirrors the spirtual journey as the observer yearns for meaning through the unseen mystery.


Perrault's "landscapes" of the interior world of the human person are a distinct aesthetic in contemporary metaphoric realism, and speaks the language of our times. Architectural metaphors of light and darkness, containment and expansion, inside and outside, promote a sense of place and hope, while asking questions concerning passages, boundaries and vision.. These harmonious environments of modesty, honesty, order and calm, allow spontaneous insights and moments of introspection.


As a man who understands a sense of calling, Perrault believes that art is his true calling and the best way to use his gifts to communicate with others. The spaces he creates are free from distractions and exhibit a purposeful pursuit of the minimum. The beauty of simplicity brings the freedom necessary in a search for what lies beneath and above the human person.


Some of Steve Perrault's numerous awards, publications and collections include: The Artist’s Magazine, The Best Art of 2006, Triple Finalist; The Plaza Hotel, New York, 2008 commission; Hauser Wulf Gordian Collection Vienna, Austria 2005; Kasim Omur Collection Istanbul, Turkey 2004; The Smithsonian Institution, National Building Museum, 2003; United States Environmental Protection Agency Headquarters, Washington, D.C.2003; 2003 Art & Antiques Magazine, Feature Interview & Photos; 2000 Art Business News, 1999 ARTNews; 1999 Chicago Sun Times, Feature Article; 1998 The New York Times Magazine.

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