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Kevin Robb

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Over the past three decades, renowned Colorado metal sculptor Kevin Robb has made his mark on the national and international art scene. With a unique style and consummate welding quality that have defined and differentiates his work, Kevin’s sculptures are not created according to a set plan. The placement of each element is an answer to a question of relationships, which he discovers as the work is in progress. He becomes one with the metal and intuitively knows the precise twists and turns that will be required to achieve the desired result of a dynamic contemporary sculpture.


Kevin forms stainless steel into contemporary sculptures, creating works of art that bring a feeling of life and quiet energy to both indoor and outdoor spaces. A wonderful sense of intimacy is created for viewers as they observe the large, flowing shapes held firmly into positions that defy gravity. These large scale stainless steel sculptures and table top sized stainless steel sculptures are distinguished by their smooth, graceful edges and seamless metal intersections, revealing the high caliber welding involved. The swirl patters on the stainless steel are distinct of Kevin Robb.


Robb's fabricated bronze sculptures are brought to life utilizing the patinas (colorization) on these contemporary sculptures; colors that create a warmth resembling the dynamic colors found in natural rock formations.

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