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interior 10 36x36
 SOLD -   Interior #10    acrylic  on canvas  36 x 36 
interior 9 grey 36x36-web.jpg
morning light 30x40 web size.jpg

Morning Light    acrylic on canvas   40 x 30 

SOLD - Interior #9    acrylic on canvas    36 x 36
5-chair-butterfly me away.jpg
4-chair-squared away.jpg
1-chair- spin me.jpg
2-chair-round the corner.jpg
Butterly Me Away   acrylic on board   12 x 12
Spin Me   acrylic  on board    12 x 12
Squared Away   acrylic on board   12 x 12 
Round the Corner   acrylic on board   12 x 12 
chill chair 12x12.jpg
3 - wood you.jpg
Wood You?   acrylic on board  12 x 12 
Chill Chair  acrylic on board  12x12
room with a view 11 38 x 52-web.jpg
 Room with a View    acrylic on canvas   38 x 52 

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Patti Mollica delights in painting the world around her in a bold, confident style with hues that are vibrant, energetic and contemporary. Her work is known for its fearless use of color and expressive brushwork while still blending a delicate balance between impressionism, abstraction and realism.


After studying at Syracuse University, Patti later graduated from the highly acclaimed Portfolio Center in Atlanta, where she earned the Best Portfolio Award. The influence of a graphic design background is apparent in the strong compositional quality of her art.


Patti is the author of four books: “How to Paint Fast, Loose and Bold,” “Modern Acrylics”, “Color Theory for the Painter,” and “Getting Started in Acrylics” as well as three instructional painting DVDs produced by Penguin Press. Additionally, she is a Certified Educator for Golden Paints and conducts workshops throughout the U.S. and abroad.


Patti’s work is included in several US galleries as well as the private collections of American Express, Sheraton Hotels, CBS and RCA Records, Penguin Press and many others.


Patti lives in Nyack, New York with her jazz musician husband, their hound dog and cats.



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