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Stephanie Paige

PAIGE - Connectedness 72_ x 72_ Mixed Media $18,100.jpg
                             Connectedness  mixed media on panel   72 x 72 
Phoenix 48x48 edited.jpg
5-11-22 Connectedness - horizontal website_edited-1.jpg
New Arrival! 
Frankel install 1.jpg
Labyrinth 60 x3 web.jpg
                  Labyrinth  mixed media on panel   60" x 3"
SOLD - Phoenix  48x48  marble plaster on wood panel 
COMMISSION - 48 x 84 triptych 
PAIGE - Silver Moon Vibs 48_ x 72_ x 3_ Mixed media on panel $12,200.jpg
 Chasing Moonlight      mixed media on panel     48 x 72  
Stephanie Paige   Moon Rise
 SOLD-Moon Rise    48 x 36   marble plaster on wood panel 
Boundless 72x72 - web.jpg
 Boundless   mixed media on panel   72 x 72 
PAIGE - Self Reflection 36_ x 80_ x 1.5_
Reflection    marble plaster on wood panel    36 x 80 
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Artist Statement 

Stephanie Paige has been captivated by Nature her entire life. Born into an extremely creative family full of painters, writers, musicians, and craftsmen, Stephanie began experimenting with diverse art mediums at an early age. In 1988, she began painting abstracts for private collectors. Stephanie relocated to California in 1990 and found success as a freelance illustrator. In 1993 she established Paige Studio, where she began selling gallery paintings and limited editions to stores and galleries. Stephanie also designed and painted murals for commercial companies throughout the United States.


Inspired by frescoes of the Renaissance, Stephanie developed a unique method of creating large-scale abstracts by meticulously sanding, burnishing and polishing layers of marble plaster on museum quality wood panels. Stephanie's love for the coast inspired a mesmerizing, impressionistic series devoted to the ocean that is masterfully created with thick, textured acrylic on canvas. Her spectacular depictions of Nature have earned her international renown as a contemporary artist.


Stephanie's nature-inspired artwork has been published in over 50 magazines and newspapers including the New York Times, Dwell Magazine, American Art Collector and San Diego Home Garden Magazine. Stephanie's public works and commissions are in numerous public spaces including most recently Sharp Coronado Hospital where she has 14 pieces installed.


In 2008 Stephanie introduced a new collection, which reflects her personal journey into connecting to the world through meditation and presence. Letting go of the idea of perfection, cultivating gratitude, and existing in the moment have led to masterpieces that invoke the peace and harmony of our relationship with Nature. Compelling meditation circles, exhilarating landscapes, serene sunsets, and expressive ocean scenes invoke emotion and invite the viewer to introspect.

Stephanie is represented by several top galleries through-out the United States and her work is collected by fine art enthusiasts around the globe.

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