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Judy Greenan

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Judy Greenan was born in Canada into a family of professional artists. She began drawing and being acknowledged for her sense of color in kindergarden! Her studies took her to the University of Colorado where she received a bachelors degree. In pursuing her career as an artist, she studied at the Art Students League of Denver for five years. in 2000 Judy graduated from Quang Ho's master class at the League and began her career as a professional painter. " I consider myself an expressive impressionist painter. I love to work with movement. Movement in painting excites me visually and is incredibly challenging artistically. It inspires me to take risks and flirt with disaster, as I can have the drawing just right and then risk it all by adding sweeping brushwork to prevent it from looking static. It challenges me to push my vision beyond my reference material. I love painting abstract inner landscapes as well, because they give me an opportunity to focus on the individual elements of painting such as shape, value, line, color, texture,edges and paint quality without the restriction of precise anatomical painting. It is very freeing for me and is a wonderful expressive outlet. My intention with my work, aside from the painterly challenges of mastering the elements, is to engage the viewer and elicit a soulful, heartfelt response. "


Judy's work has been featured in American Cowboy Magazine in 2008 highlighting the exciting and unique movement in her work. Judy's 2008 One Woman Show was featured in Southwest Arts November 2008 in " The Best of the West " Section. She has also been written up in " 2008 Hot Trends in Arts" in Southwest Art Magazine discussing her use of video for continual inspiration and unique reference material.


Judy is an accomplished painter with 3 One Woman Shows behind her and a number of successful commercial and residential installations. " My goal is to one day master the elements so I am free to express myself and hopefully uplift and inspire others with my work." Her paintings are exciting and inspiring and have the warmth and spirit that turns a house into a home.


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