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SOLD - Sojourn Series I  Decca   o/c  36 x 36 
SOLD - Sojourn Series I - Derram  o/c  36x36
Serenus    oil on canvas   36 x 36
Lacerus  oil on canvas   36 x 36 
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"My work in organic abstraction represents the juxtaposition of nature and emotion. I find beauty in the world around me and use it to fuel my creativity. My paintings deconstruct something beautiful and infuse it with the spice and fervor of a moment to create pieces that are affecting and poignant.


My training and early career steered me toward a tighter, more linear and defined style. Over time, my work has matured to be much more personal and expressive. I no longer want to tell a story with my art. Instead, I want to provoke an emotional response in the viewer that inspires their story. My goal for my work is to provide a visual catalyst that pulls others in and sparks their own unique interpretation.


I paint in oils and work the entire canvas at once, using palette knives almost exclusively. Being ambidextrous, I often paint with both hands at the same time, particularly when I am inspired by a strong image or emotion. My work is loose and intuitive, frequently evolving on the canvas into something more rich and full than my initial vision. Each piece is true to the moment where I let myself go and just exist.


Ultimately, I want to capture my emotional response to nature’s wonders and share that inspiration with others." 


Tia earned a BFA from Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida and is a former Disney artist. Her work has been displayed at state museums, the offices of the ACLU, and is found in many public spaces and private collections.

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