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"When approaching my work, only a vague idea is in mind of what is to take place on the canvas or paper. I do have an intense desire to stir visual emotions, particularly, at the start. My own emotions and then, hopefully, future viewers. I am not looking to jar anyones ones mind, create an intellectual dialog with another or make a political statement. However, a visual encounter is what I do offer and believe it is enough to ask of paint, in my case acrylic paint, on canvas.The greater body of my work is of landscapes and seascapes of an imaginary nature created in the studio. All have generally had a high horizon as a focal point to lure ones eye into the composition. The larger area below the horizon, down to the base of the canvas, gives the viewer freedom to roam the surface.


This area gives the painting life, much as soil nourishes the very roots of any tree. The imagery at the horizon gives a focal point and the area above, serves as the atmosphere and sets the mood. This has been a format I have used for over forty years and it still intrigues me.

In the process of assembling the colors, values and markings, with paint, charcoal, pencil and even by sanding, a visual conversation starts to take place between the painting and me and thus I reply by adjusting again and again, sometimes even abruptly changing the previous endeavors. By this constant realignment of the colors, values and markings it will finally began to come together as our conversation is completed. Sometimes, as conversations go on with others, new thoughts take place at other times on the same subject and I have been known to make those same kind of changes many years later with a painting. Some conversations are never finished.


When a painting is secured down the road by another, hopefully a new conversation of a different nature will take place with other viewers, maybe for years on end."

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